Life Challenges Counseling

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Group Workshops...

  • (Men 18 years and older) Learning about crucial inner work and outer actions that will help you be a better man for the rest of your life!

  • (Men 18 years and older) Learn the importance of honoring your feminine aspects!

  • (Adult Men and/or Women 18 or older) Women from Venus? Men from Mars? A workshop designed to help men and women exist in greater harmony--right here on Earth!

  • (Young men age 12/13--with parent(s) or guardian) Helping young men learn how to navigate the teen years!

  • (Adult men around 50 years old) Learning about & preparing for, middle age!

  • (Adult men around 60 years old) Learning about & preparing for, Elderhood!

  • (Elder men 65 Years or older) Learning to share accumulated wisdom with those younger!

  • (Adult Men & Women) Discovering Unconditional Love and using it to help heal self and others!

Any of the above workshops can be adapted to individuals via in-office hourly sessions. Hourly office counseling fees apply.

Life Challenges Counseling Life Challenges Counseling
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