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Gentle Touch Healing Sessions...

The following Body Chakra and/or point-of-trauma Healing Energy applications can done on a stand-alone basis, or in conjunction with counseling therapy. (Hourly counseling rates apply):

  • Session (I) Purpose: Bring about general relaxation, improve general inner-balance.

  • Session (II) Purpose: Maximize positive procedure/treatment results and shorten recovery and healing times relating to scheduled major medical events. Session usually done shortly before and/or after procedure or treatment.

  • Session (III) Purpose: To help open mind/body/spiritual pathways to positive change. Done in concert with counseling.

  • Session (IV) Purpose: Reduce pain and shorten healing time when directly applied to trauma points of non-life threatening injuries such as bumps, bruises, and sprains. Should be done as soon as possible following injury.

  • Session (V) Purposes: To send healing and protective energies over distances using Shamanic techniques. To maximize positive procedure/treatment results and shorten recovery / healing times, should major medical procedures and treatments occur when a client is away from home.

  • Session (VI) Purpose: Reduce pain and trauma, maximize healing results, and shorten recovery time for dogs and cats, following injury and/or medical procedures/treatments. Session should take place at pet's home location soon after procedure, treatment or injury.

Life Challenges Counseling Life Challenges Counseling
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