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About the Counselor...

Harry C. Dorman...
Rev. Harry C. Dorman, BA, Life Challenges Counselor & Alternative Healing Practitioner:

Harry Dorman is a Traverse City, Michigan native and graduate of Traverse City Central High School. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Methodist University. In 1972 he re-settled in Traverse City and began a successful 24 year career in business-retiring in 1996. His success in business was enhanced by his skills as a listener and adviser in helping team members discover their greatest strengths, overcome work and life challenges, in order to maximize career success.

In mid-life he developed deep interests in alternative methods healing mind, body and spirit. This led him to receive formal training in Reiki, SHEN, Therapeutic Touch, and Shamanic Healing. Over the past 18 years he has evolved his own eclectic "Gentle Touch" Chakra-Based Energy Healing methods. His Alternative Healing endeavors are done on a stand-alone basis, as well as in concert with traditional medicine, and life counseling.

In 2006, following three years of Ministerial Training in association with Circle Sanctuary Shamanic/Wiccan Church and Nature Preserve, he was ordained a Wiccan Priest and Minister. His ministry includes Life and Spiritual Counseling, community interfaith and religious- secular relations, as well as prison ministry. He also writes, teaches, speaks (and listens) concerning Freedom of (and from) Religion, interfaith /secular harmony. He is an Equal Human Rights advocate and Activist.

In real life, Harry has personally faced and successfully dealt with many of the Life Challenges specified under "In-Office Counseling Services." As a mature Energy Healing facilitator, and Life Challenges Counselor, his goal remains that of helping those seriously interested in bringing personal happiness and joy back into their lives, play an active role in doing so.

Counselor/Client Relationships
After determining that clients' applicable life challenges fall within available counseling services parameters (see "Counseling Services"), it's important that, prior to their first appointment, that clients review the following important information regarding Counselor / Client relationships:

Statement of Non-Discrimination
Life Challenges Counseling does not discriminate against anyone because of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, martial status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, pregnancy, military status, protected genetic information or political affiliation.

Information that clients choose to disclose during life and/or ministerial counseling is protected by legal and ethical guidelines to ensure confidentiality.

However there are specific circumstances in which counselors and therapists are required to disclose client-shared information. Examples of such circumstances are (1) When a client poses an imminent danger to themselves or others; (2) When client-shared information discloses that they, significant others, children, the elderly, or disabled persons, are experiencing abuse. Feel free to discuss concerns regarding confidentiality at any time during counseling.

Your First Appointment
The initial appointment is important to both of us because:

  • It allows to us to learn about each other.
  • It provides you the opportunity to fully explain in detail, life challenge(s) that are negatively affecting your life.
  • It provides you the opportunity to share with me, your personal goal(s) for therapy.
  • It allows me to ask questions and collect relevant background information that will be helpful in creating a counseling/healing path that will help you attain your therapy goal(s).
  • It allows me to share with you my general counseling style and perspective, and address questions or concerns you might have regarding same.
  • It allows us both to determine whether there is sufficient mutual affinity and "fit" between us to support our continuing to work together.

Substance-Free Counseling
Life Challenges Counselor and Clients mutually agree that all counseling sessions shall be alcohol and drug free, except in cases of where physician-prescribed medicines are in use.

Life Challenges Counseling Life Challenges Counseling
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